the short explanation is that sofeistudio is a sticker brand that seeks to spread smiles through squiggly lines and bright colors...

but the longer explanation is that...

sofeistudio was officially created on jan 20 of 2020 after i decided to transform my math class doodles into much more. 

i had always enjoyed collecting stickers from a young age - my mom can unfortunately vouch for that statement as there is physical proof of this so-called collecting on our walls - and i also had a deep passion for drawing and designing small worlds. 

taking these two hobbies of mine together, i created sofeistudio with the hope of bringing a smile to people's faces, just like how a sticker of ballet shoes ignited a glow within me after a dance class, or when a teacher put a "good job" sticker of approval on a quiz i did well on. 

point is, sofeistudio is here to spread joy, share joy, and suspend joy in our larger-than-life world. 

- sophy gao, founder of sofeistudio :)